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Weekly Practice

The mainstay of our programming is a weekly practice session, held in a tatami room on-or-near UCLA Campus.


During these sessions, students will learn the essence of tea ceremony through professional instruction in "o-temae" (the art/practice of the tea ceremony).

Field Trips

At least once per quarter, UTeaLA takes a small group of students on field trips to tea houses and/or other sites of Japanese cultural engagement in the Los Angeles area.


These trips provide students with a unique opportunity to connect with broader tea culture, history and community.



UTeaLA periodically hosts workshops on various aspects of the tea ceremony and associated practices.

Topics may include but are not limited to: shodō caligraphy, kadō flower arrangement, wagashi sweet-making, ceramic art, history of chadō, and architecture of the tea house.

Public Events

"What good is making tea if you don't share it?"

At UTeaLA, we feel that it is important and deeply rewarding to share our tea practice with the broader public community.

As such, we host a public chakai ("tea gathering") at the end of each year to showcase and celebrate chadō with others.

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