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Japanese Tea


Step-by-step chakai

1. Present Sweets

Host: 『お菓子をどぞ』“Okashi o dozo” — Here are the sweets.

2. Greet Guests

Host: 『一服差し上げます』“Ippuku sashi agemasu” — Allow me to serve you a bowl of tea.

3. Guests Partake

Host: 『お菓子をどぞ。』“Okashi o dozo” — Please have your sweets.

Guest 1 to Guest 2:『お先に失礼いたします。』"Osakini shitsureishimasu" — Excuse me for going before you.

Guest 1 to Host:『お点前ちょうだい致します。』"Otemae chodai itashimasu" — Thank you for this bowl of tea.

Host serves Guest 2

Guest 2 to Guest 1: 『お相伴致します。』"Oshouban itashimasu" — I will join you for tea.

Host to Guest 1: 『もう一服いかがでしょうか。』"Mo ippuku ikaga deshouka" — Would you like another bowl of tea?

Guest 1 to Host: 『どうぞおしまいください』"Dozo oshimai kudasai" — If you would, please finish.

4. Host Leaves

Host: 『おしまいに致します。"Oshimai ni itashimasu" — I am done.

Host: 『失礼いたしました。』"Shitsureitashimashita" — Excuse me.


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