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Welcome to UTeaLA

UTeaLA is a student club devoted to the study and practice of the Japanese Tea Ceremony (“The Way of Tea” aka. “Chadō”). Through classes, workshops, and public presentations we serve the UCLA student body and the broader LA community.

Join us for tea!

Come join us Tuesdays 5PM - 8PM at MacGowan 1154 for our Weekly Practice (Keiko) with sweets and tea -- no experience required! Arriving late & leaving early are allowed -- You are NOT REQUIRED to stay for the whole 3 hours.

Please RSVP below if interested!


UTeaLA hosts and sponsors a variety of events on UCLA campus and within the broader community. These include but are not limited to: weekly practice sessions, hands-on workshops, seminars, field trips, socials, academic courses, and public presentations.


Weekly Practice

For those interested in learning "o-temae" (the art and practice of tea ceremony), please sign up for our weekly practice sessions! Sweets and tea will be provided each practice!


Japanese Garden

“Tea... is a religion of the art of life.”

Kakuzō Okakura, The Book of Tea

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